Although OutOfMemory is currently a one-man team, following services are offered to to resolve your out-of-memory exceptions.

Services to expand your memory

Long-term role-based engagements to be extended on a yearly basis.

  1. Solution Architect
  2. IT Architect
  3. IT Project Manager
  4. Scrum Master
  5. Product Owner

Note that different roles can potentially be combined in case the magnitude justifies that.

Refer to Track Record for a description of the successful experience in the different roles at different clients.

Services to temporarily expand your memory

Short-term project-based engagements to achieve a specific goal.

IT Strategy Assessment

This pertains a typical 3 to 6 months engagement ending with an IT strategy and (if wanted) a 3 to 5-year roadmap to guide your IT future, typically in the form of a slide deck.

Note this type of assessment requires full sponsorship on executive level and needs to occur in co-creation mode to have a high chance on success.

IT Architecture Assessment

This pertains a typical 1 to 3 months engagement to jointly find a solution for a specific architectural problem or to perform a study for a specific use case. For example, should I leverage containers

Solution Architecture Assessment

This pertains a typical 3 to 6 months engagement to define an initial solution plan to support the delivery of a new major solution.

Service to upgrade your memory

Talks, trainings and workshops. To be completed soon