All my life, I have been passionate about two things: computers and sports.

From breaking systems to making systems

Born in 1991, I was lucky to live through the rise of the personal computer. I was able to see and mess with huge diskettes, smaller diskettes, CD-roms, USB-sticks and now the Cloud.

As a child, I succeeded in screwing up computers very fast (messing up the BIOS as well as fixing them. To avoid the frustration of my parents on this, I assembled my own PC, when I was 17 years old. My IT passion evolved from hardware to software during my computer science engineering studies as I was able to do some great projects and fancy summer jobs that leaned towards my education and even building my own platform.

After graduating as master computer sciences (software engineering), I joined the IT consulting rat race at Accenture for 7 years. I started as analyst and gradually evolved to manager in the field of IT strategy, IT (solution) architecture and IT project management with a main focus on custom-built systems. Although, most of my experience relies in the public sector, I have no strict affinity towards it. The last two years, I had the opportunity to take a (2-year) side-job leading the Belgium Application Engineering department (~50 FTE).

After those 7 years climbing the ladder, I felt the love and passion evaporating and wanting to put back more focus on the content. Therefore, I quit Accenture to become freelance IT consultant (which I still am today) to use my knowledge and experience to make impact at smaller firms closer to my home.

Sports but only in group

After hours and in weekends, I like to go for mountainbiking, padel, cycling and soccer. I am not an extreme sporter and I don’t want to become the best but I want to enjoy a bit of sweat in good company.

My final passion only arouse when becoming older… Making and drinking a cup of good coffee.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for a cup of coffee.